About Me

imageimageimageI began practicing massage in 2010 where I graduated from Spa Tech Institute. I started my education learning techniques and skills to be used on the body for the intention and purpose of healing. I have been fortunate enough to gain connections with people by participating in local events, sometimes donate my time to help fundraisers, I understand the importance helping people in my own community as well as myself. As a massage therapist I have used my skills in trade and at work and seeing the positive changes the effects massage has had on me as well as others. Within the first year of becoming licensed I was trained by a physical therapist for a rehab massage practice called the Caron Center for Neuromuscular Care in Portland, Maine. I made the best of my time there becoming more educated with Myofascial and Neuromuscular therapies. Using my skills and knowledge to educate on the importance of massage along with continuous effective treatments of injuries giving relief of pain, tension along with an increase for wellness in the body. From relaxing in a serene, tranquil environment, increasing circulation to joints, muscles, also decreasing headaches, while helping accelerate the process of healing. With improving health, it gives everyone a higher quality to life. I enjoy working with all people giving customized sessions weather you are looking to reduce stress, give peace and relaxation, guide everyone on a healthier path for the body, mind, and soul. Located on Main St. in Lewiston, come and check out my beautiful new studio and treat yourself to the experience of massage.